Bully Boss, the novel


Set in New York during the 1970s, The Bully Boss is about a protagonist, Danny Freedman, who spends thirteen years helping to build a small family run, food company into a national organization. All is well until his beloved sales manager, Fred Williams dies. Sam Huston, the VP of Operations, in a stroke of shortsightedness and pigheadedness, replaces the lost manager with Francis Green, a power hungry, vindictive man from the California division who destroys everything that Danny and the New York team has built.

Danny relies on his spontaneous wit and undying optimism to help colleagues and himself survive and incredible series of events. A
clash between good and bad management styles that anyone who has ever worked for a bad boss can relate.

This work is about 54,000 words in length and the first in a trilogy.


Danny Freedman: The Protagonist. A straightforward young man who uses personality, hard work and perseverance to build a career for himself in the highly competitive New York Marketplace.

Francis Green: The Antagonist. A vindictive, power hungry young man from the west coast who uses his new found authority to undermine and destroy his corporate rivals.

Sub Plots

Francis Green experiences culture shock when he moves from a small town to the big city. A love interest between Danny and Cindy, a minor character, leads to the sequel The Wedding From Hell.


Set in Queens New York from 1965 through 1978. The novel’s characters are the arch rival sales teams of New York and Los Angeles. There is constant contrast between good and bad management and no side can claim total victory.


Third Person

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